FAIR WARNING: You've got until midnight on Sunday 16th April 2017 to book on at the SUPER EARLY BIRD rate for the next Holiday Elite Week in May 1/2 Term.

***We also have games lined up against Pro Teams for those selected***

Dates, Time & Venue

Dates: 4 Day Programme – Monday 29th Tuesday 30th, Wednesday 31st May th, Friday 2nd June 2017  Times: 9am –1pm Venue: Llandarcy Academy of Sport, Skewen, Neath SA10 6FJ

 Premier League Elite (Additional Option)
1pm - 6pm - Monday 29th May ONLY

1.00PM - 3.00PM - Fitness Testing with Elite Fitness Consultant Chris Jones 3.00PM - 4.30PM - The Confident Player Programme with Frankie Burrows - sharing some of the methods used with Premier League players like Ben Davies (Parents Included) 4.30pm - 6.00pm - Speed, Power and Agility Workshop with Chris Jones

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What's the 'Premier Elite Week' all about? Is it part of ther main programme?

A - The Premier Elite  is an exta programme al about giving your child the 'extra' support to make 'the difference' in his game. See...tactics and techniques are important and we teach them to the Nth degree on our Elite Week. The Premier Elite is about giving the kind of 'extra' support ormally reserved for 'Pro' Academy players. Nick Jones will be running your child through the same fitness tests that he puts Academy players through at clubs like Liverpool and Everton FC. He'll even provide you with data on how your child compares to players of that level. Crucially, he'll also be Giving each player signed up for the additional training on the 'Premier Elite'  specific exercises to improve. Then there's The Confident Player Programme, which has helped the whole range of players from those on the brink of Pro Football deal with performance nerves to kids who just need more confidence for the 'game of life'.


Q - What are parents who have been through the 'Premier Elite' programme saying?

A - This is what Stephen Jones, Dad of Josh and Sam had to say:

"I felt that the Premier Elite "bolt on" could help Josh and Sam with their all round football development, particularly concentrating on their speed/power and running technique, this was an ideal opportunity. Nick didn't disappoint with a series of physical tests and video analyses. The boys were advised on adjustments and ideas to work on to improve.  The Premier Elite also included a class based interactive session on Confidence-building headed by Frankie which we were very impressed with. The main focus was confidence building and facing your fears and dispelling them. All the boys were incredible with their honesty and mature approach to the class. I'd well recommend the Premier Elite Class, so much so in fact our boys are doing it for a second time."

It's not for everyone though. Only the committed and ambitious or a big enough reason to work on their confidence and physical development. If you just want the main 'Elite Week'  9am - 1pm every day then click below...



Q - Isn't this expensive?

A - The only fair answer to this question is...compared to what? Our now 130+ Members happily pay £15.24 per hour for group training because it gets results. If you applied our weekly training rate to our Holiday programme you would be looking at an investment of £243.84. Yet, you can access this ELITE Training from ELITE Coaches for a FRACTION of this hourly rate. This value will simply not be beaten ANYWHERE...And I am willing to put my money where my mouth is...please see our guarantee at the bottom of the page


Q - What Do We Need To Bring?

A - TCSA Full Football Kit (T-Shirt Will BE Provided For New Players), Boots/Blades, Tracksuit & Change of Clothes, Jacket, Shin-Pads, Packed Lunch, Drinks (Water or Weak Squash). Players can order food at the cafe. However, this must be done either in advance of the whole week or at least at the start of every day (before 9am) on arrival, so the staff have time to prepare your meals ready for our break time (between 11am and 11.30am). Players will not be allowed to buy sweets, or sugary/fizzy drinks from machines. We encourage fresh, healthy food to be eaten.


11. Are there any other ways to pay and can we spread payments to make it more affordable?

Yes! You can pay via phone by calling 01792 421600 between 8am and 6pm Mon-Fri and you can also spread your payments over 3 months

Your 'Impossible to Lose, Win or Win' Guarantee 
TCSA is built on PROVEN top class coachIng that guarantees improvements in confidence, fitness, skills and enjoyment.
  If our 'February Elite Week' does not live up to anything stated here by YOUR judgement. I don't want your money, and I'll give back every penny back to you. No hassles and we'll still be friends. Not only is this programme 100% Money-Back Guaranteed. I'll even give you £100 for your trouble if TCSA Whitsun Elite Week does not 'do what is says on the tin.' And yes, I have given this type of refund to one set of parents. They said it didn't live up to what we said so they got all their money back and £100 for their trouble. So you, and your son literally cannot lose. IT'S EITHER WIN OR WIN!